Terms & Conditions


1.   PAYMENT: Net 30 Days
2.   FOB: Factory or manufacturing location
3.   CREDIT APPROVAL: Seller reserves the right at any time to revoke any credit extended to Buyer as a result of Buyer’s failure to pay for merchandise when due or for any other reason deemed good and sufficient by the Seller and in such event to require payment prior to shipment.

1.   ACCEPTANCE & APPROVAL: Buyer’s orders submitted shall become binding and effective only upon acceptance & approval by the Seller at it’s office in Cadillac, Michigan.
2.   BUYER’S CONFIRMATION OF TELEPHONE ORDERS: Buyer must confirm all telephone orders in writing to the Seller’s representative with whom the verbal order was placed. If the written order is not marked “confirming” and duplicate shipment results, freight, restocking and other charges are the responsibility of the Buyer.
3.   ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: When required, Seller will mail written acknowledgments to the Buyer for all Buyer’s accepted and approved orders.
4.   ADDITIONS TO PURCHASE ORDERS: Additions to purchase orders that have already been processed by the Seller will create delays in production of the items ordered.  It is to the Buyer’s benefit to enter a separate purchase order for these items.  Every effort will be made to see that these orders ship on a common bill of lading with the original order when requested by Buyer; however, Seller accepts no responsibility for freight charges in the event this request cannot be met.

1.   TAXES: Prices do not include federal, state or local taxes.
2.   PRICE CHANGES: B&P reserves the right to make any price changes as needed.

1.   LOSS OR DAMAGE IN TRANSIT: Seller inspects and makes delivery to the carrier at the shipping point in good condition.  Carrier acts as Buyer’s agent.  Seller shall not be liable for non-arrival made under this contract which may be lost in transit; nor for losses, damages or delays in transportation.  Loss or damage should be noted on the delivery receipt and claims should be made directly to the transportation company immediately.

2.   ROUTING: Shipments will be routed “BEST WAY”  prepaid and added to Buyer's invoice unless otherwise requested.  Every effort will be made to comply with desired routing.

3.   PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: We reserve the right to make any changes in product specifications and designs without liability.  Weights are approximate and for informational purposes only. Seller assumes no further liability, expressed or implied. 

4.   CANCELLATIONS: Orders, once acknowledged by Seller, can be canceled only with Seller’s consent and upon terms and conditions that will indemnify seller against losses.

a. Before returning any merchandise for any reason whatsoever, it is necessary to contact us for approval. If approval is given, an RGA number will be given by us to the dealer.  This RGA number must appear on all documents involving the returned goods.  Under no circumstances will returned goods be accepted at our dock without an RGA number shown on the shipping papers.
b. A written confirmation of each RGA will be provided to distributor upon request.
c. Freight charges on all RGA’s must be prepaid.
d. RGA numbers will not be issued after thirty (30) days from date of shipment by B&P Manufacturing except on warranty claims.  Issued RGA’s will expire in thirty (30) days if returned goods have not been received by B&P Manufacturing or it's designated representative.  Applicable goods will not be accepted thereafter.
e. A minimum restocking charge of 20% will be made on all merchandise except as allowed under warranty claims.
f. Additional charges will be determined solely by B&P Manufacturing if the product is in a non-resalable condition.

Returns will not be allowed on any special or custom items or any product determined to be obsolete.

Before repairing any product on which a claim will be made, it is necessary to contact us for approval. Approval occurs only when FRA number is given.  A written confirmation of the FRA will be mailed to you confirming the item involved, nature of repair and approved expenditure payment.  Under no circumstance should you repair an item without prior FRA.

7. DELAYS IN SHIPMENT: Seller will make every effort to make shipments in accordance with the acknowledged scheduled shipping date, but Seller assumes no responsibility for any loss or inconvenience caused by non-shipment at a specified time.  Cancellation requests due to delays in shipment shall be handled in accordance with Section 4 titled “Cancellations”, unless Buyer and Seller mutually agree on a "No Later Than" date and order is acknowledged to that effect.  

8.  OSHA: Seller certifies that all terms furnished comply with Seller’s interpretation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 standards and regulations at time of shipment.  Seller shall not be responsible for fines and penalties under this act or for losses sustained by improper use of any item.  This is the sole certification and supersedes any, and all prior expressed or implied certifications.  

Upon dealer request, B&P Manufacturing will obtain a freight quotation for shipment FOB, Cadillac, Michigan or point of manufacture.  This service is advisory only.  Responsibility for correct freight costs rests with dealer.