Steel Curb Dock Boards

Quick Overview

> Lightweight aluminum deck with safety tread plate surface

> Beveled edges provide smooth entry and exit
> Engineered bend keeps the edges of the dock board flush with both dock and truck
> Heavy duty steel bolt-on legs can be reversed for refrigerated applications
> Heavy duty bolt on steel curbs
> Optional heavy duty lifting chains for forklift moving of dock boards
> Two year warranty



Steel Curb Dock Boards

Steel Curb Dock Boards 2

How to choose a Dock Board:

Step 1 : Determine Capacity - Add the weight of the forklift and the weight of the maximum load to be carried.

Step 2 : Determine Width - The width of the dock board should be at least 18 inches wider than your widest equipment passing over the board. Remember, safety curbs take up 6 inches of usable width. Example: A 60 inch dock board has 54 inches of usable space.

Step 3: Determine Length - You need to know the maximum difference between the height of the dock and the height of the highest truck bed.

How to choose a Dock Board

Using the chart below, determine the length of the board you need. An 11° bend is standard.
Example: If the maximum height difference is 7 inches, a board at least 48 inches long is required.

Length Calculation Table


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