Punched Traction - Curb Ramp

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Punched Traction Curb Ramp


Curb Ramps


Our exclusive process punches holes in the material, then raises the edges of the cutouts for superior traction.

Lightweight, strong, durable curb ramps are ideal for anyone who uses a hand truck.

Get heavy hand truck loads over curbs without straining your back!

Won't collect ice, mud, snow, or debris.

Hand slots double as a stop.

Exceptionally lightweight.






Punched Traction Curb Ramp - Safety Yellow

Aluminum Curb Ramps 

                 -SY Denotes Powder Coated Safety Yellow



Punched Traction Curb Ramp - Curbs Folded Down


Sides folded down keep the ramp in place and allows more usable width.

Wedge design curb ramp features the same punched design for traction.

   -SY Denotes Powder Coated Safety Yellow                                                                             

CRW2224 Curb Ramp

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