Aluminum Pallet Dollies

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> Light weight, only about 40 lbs.
> Strong extruded aluminum frame and steel axles
> Maneuverable, tilt construction with 360º turning
    (Non-tilt also available)
> 3-1/2” rollers with sealed bearings
> Capacities - 4,000 to 8,000 lbs.



 Aluminum Pallet Dollies


If a non-tilt type of pallet dolly is desired, deleted the “T” in the part number and replace it with a “NT” when ordering, there is no extra charge for non-tilt type pallet dollies

Aluminum Pallet Dollies


PN: H      Description: Two Handle Loops and Handle
PN: CB    Description: Center Support Crossbar

Add a “H” or “CB” to the end of your part number to add an accessory


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