Aluminum Dock Plates

Quick Overview


> High traction, safety tread plate surface gives positive traction for equipment and safe footing for personnel.
> Bolt-on legs/handles allow for quick field repair and ease of moving/lifting - Easily reversed for refrigerated trucks.
> Beveled edges provide smooth entry and exit.
> Engineered bend keeps the edges of the dock plate flush with both dock and truck.
> Safety yellow edges for low light visibility
> Standard with 2 handles, hand slots available upon request
> Two year warranty



How to choose a Dock Plate:

Non-Motorized Use Only

Step 1 : Determine Width - add 12” to the widest load that will go over the plate

Step 2 : Determine Capacity - weight of pallet jack + maximum weight of items carried + operator weight
If the maximum load is within 50 lbs of the stated capacity, select the next highest capacity

Step 3 : Determine Length - required length is determined by height difference between dock and truck floor, use the table below

Note About Capacities

All B&P dock plates are rated at actual capacities, per Aluminum Industry Association standards. Some other companies rate capacities with a formula that considers the fact that only two wheels of the four wheel vehicle will be on the plate at one time. This can artificially overstate the capacities of the plates, creating a potentially dangerous situation. We state our capacities as actual, giving you an extra margin of safety.

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